"Patricia"mixed media art rendering

"Patricia" by Madoka Uono.  Mixed Media

"I see you in a swirl of notes and color." - the artist

I sing the American Songbook, including some songs in French and Portuguese. At just shy of 5'11" - well over that with heels - I look great fronting a small group or a big band. Think of the singers featured in gowns in the film, De-Lovely. That's me.


I sing parties, special events and gigs of all varieties. People like my smooth and sophisticated sound. I also play some keyboard.

When not singing, I teach voice and piano privately and for The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts. I'm also an acting teacher, an actor, an Emmy Award-winning writer, and a spoken voiceover talent with a long list of professional credits.

Patricia Shanks in studio
Patricia Shanks with jazz ensemble
Patricia Shanks singing in a club