Natalie Limonick
February 2005

"How fortunate your students are to have a teacher so dedicated, who takes their interests and development so to heart! Bless you. It's so rare to find that commitment in today's "instant" world..." NOTE: Ms. Limonick was my primary mentor and a great musical presence in Southern California and beyond. Please read "A Note" on the navigation menu.

Noriko K.
Exchange student from Naraken, Japan

“Thank you for teaching me... You taught me like more than what I expect. You are very detail in your ways. So I enjoyed learning... I can't know when I come back here, but I don't forget. Your lesson was very fun...”

Lydia W.
Adult Student

"Patricia is a rare find -- a most wonderful teacher, of voice and life, who challenges and yet can laugh, and has patience beyond belief. As an amateur singer, I have learned to breathe (amazing how we forget), relax and trust myself, ...I highly recommend Patricia for anyone wanting to grow personally and vocally."

Julie H.
Adult Student

“...of seven voice coach choices, I was drawn to Patricia. I am so glad I did. She is amazing. I was so nervous at my first lesson. Patricia has such a calming, warm personality. She instantly helped me relax, gives me the encouragement I need, and has taught me so many "secrets" of singing. I now have the confidence to sing in a small ensemble at Church...”

Mia K.
Middle School Student

"I love your classes so much and I can't wait to continue. I am so excited to continue my musical career! Thank you soooo much! ...You are the best."

Bernadette A.
Adult Student

"Thank you for working so hard with me. You've been one of the best vocal coaches I've had. I certainly learned a lot due to your commitment and expertise. I hope I'll find another coach who's as knowledgeable & dedicated as you are. I'll keep in touch w/you when I'm in NYC."

Adelina T.
Student from age 10 to age 16

"You have been my teacher, my friend, and my inspiration. Thank you for everything."

Gina O.
Parent of Middle School Student

"...I am so grateful for all your hard work and amazing dedication! And we are so blessed to know you!"

A. Patel
Adult Student

"Because of your dedication to technique, creative visuals and constant encouragement - you helped transform my 'forced' tone into a more natural, easy, effortless sound. Thank you!"

Marissa C.
Adult Student

"She is patient and it is evident that she wants me to succeed! She keeps her full attention on me to make sure that I am doing things right. If you are looking for a teacher who both takes her work serious and has an outgoing personality, she is the person to go to! =D"