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Acting for the Camera at Beej Studios, Laguna Beach


Tuesdays (2 per month)

(See Calendar link for class dates)

7:00 - 9:00 pm

$100 / month

Teens (16+) & Adults

Limited to 16 participants *


Call (949) 723-4473  for information and to register

* Advance Registration Required. Call to reserve a seat.



This is an ongoing class for adult and teen participants interested in developing cold reading, memorization, and audition techniques. Actors learn how to lift the words from the page in an efficient way, while working deeply and "in the moment" to produce an authentic, nuanced performance.


Every actor reads at least once in every 2-hour class. Participants learn how to inhabit and inform their characters with an air of truth and solidify a reliable acting technique suitable for film, TV and the stage. Eliminate the presentational affectation that keeps you from securing that career-changing acting opportunity.